Improve Markers of Aging

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Aging, as well as the development of various chronic diseases, has been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondria reside inside our cells and are mainly responsible for the cell’s energy production (1). Many studies demonstrate that exercise is one of the best methods to improve mitochondrial function, making strength training exercise an effective anti-aging strategy.

In one particular study (2), researchers studied the effects of six months of resistance training on 25 older adults and 26 younger adults with the following conclusions:

  • Prior to beginning the training program, the genes of older adults showed a dramatic amount of markers associated with age-related mitochondrial function.
  • After following the program, there was a remarkable and visible decrease in these markers, reversing them back to younger levels, for most genes that relate to age and exercise.
  • Researchers concluded that older adults showed evidence of mitochondrial impairment and muscular weakness, but that these could be substantially improved upon and even reversed with six months of effective resistance training.


NET training principles and exercise equipment are effective and safe, making NET an ideal ground to battle the forces of aging.

Supporting literature:

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