Life as professional, entrepreneur, or parent, is demanding and stressful. Your commitments can spread you thin and that can make staying in great physical and mental shape tough.

At New Element Training (NET) we will create a personal training program that will show you that staying strong, pain free and healthy does not take hours of gym time.

One or Two, 30 minute sessions a week is all it takes with the NET method.

  • NET ONLY uses the world’s leading US and Swiss engineered medical and medical-grade resistance training equipment (MedX), which was designed for perfect bio-mechanical precision, among many other advanced features, by leading orthopaedic researchers, doctors, engineers and exercise experts.
  • NET’s training method has been shown in multiple scientific studies to be as, or more, effective than most conventionally practised exercise modalities. At the core of our training is a scientifically validated Momentary Muscular Failure  training technique with added mindfulness approach for a more effective workout and mental de-stress.
  • To insure your success, at NET you will see one of our highly qualified instructors one-on-one at least once weekly. You will also have an unlimited access to our world-class, medical-quality strength training centre for your independent training sessions needs.

Our training approach will effectively make you stronger, it will improve your muscle-to-fat ratio, your aerobic capacity, your flexibility and mobility, it will eliminate or reduce your pain, it will extend your healthy years, it will profoundly improve your overall physical and mental well-being.