Golf is a sport that requires skill and stamina to be enjoyed best. Time spent working on your game while on the course or on the range has had you torqueing your body thousands of times. A quarter of all golfers start their round with a back problem that restricts them from enjoying the sport, or even continuing to play.

In 70-80% of these situations, weak muscles are to blame. By using proper strength training you can help reduce your back problems AND your handicap. whats going to determine the power and quality of your shot and how many seasons you have will come down to the quality and size of your muscles, bones, and connective tissue.

At NET we have the most effective method for correcting and enhancing the muscles and tissues involved in golf.

NET 2×20 Golf Program

The NET 2×20 Golf Program is efficient, easy to perform and only requires 10-20 minutes of intense training. All of the exercises are performed safely, making it easy on the joints. Isolated strengthening of all spine-relevant muscle groups by extension, flexion and rotation through a full range of movement. In addition, the flexibility of the legs, hips and the shoulders are improved. You will feel the difference after only one session.

4 essential machines of the NET 2×20 Golf Program:

The training on this machine isolates the lower back muscles and not only helps reduce back pain, but also helps improve posture. The posture is the crucial factor for the correct club swing direction.
To hit the ball further you have to achieve a larger angle during the back swing between your shoulders and hips. By doing so you will develop more leverage, which will result in a higher clubhead speed.
The key to contact is the correct positioning of the neck. Stronger musculature in the cervical spine area will correct the position of your head and further improve your golf swing.
Strong stomach muscles are vital in supporting the spine and improving balance. This will further result in a better stance over the ball and during the swing.
Training Type
Flexibility and Strength Training
Only Strength Training
Only Flexibility Training
Club Head Speed +26.7 kph +4.0 kph +7.2 kph
Shoulder Abduction +11.9 degrees +1.0 degrees +13.5 degrees
Hip Flexion +16.3 degrees +2.8 degrees +15 degrees
Hip Extension +8.0 degrees +3.4 degrees +5.0 degrees

These are examples of how proper strength and flexibility training can help improve your golf game.