Strength training is very important for all hockey players whether you are training for the next competitive season or playing recreational hockey for fun.

Hockey takes a toll on the body and anyone who plays knows that injuries are commonplace. Joint pain, pulled groins, and low back pain from constantly bending over are just a few examples. By strengthening muscles in these areas you can help eliminate those nagging injuries and get back on the ice.

NET Hockey Training Program

At NET we will provide you with a hockey specific strength training program that will focus on key aspects such as skating and shooting. By improving your strength off the ice, you will be able to improve your performance on the ice and help prevent future injuries.

3 essential machines of the NET Hockey Training Program:

Strengthen your adductor muscles to improve your stride and avoid injuring your groin.
A strong core is essential for all hockey players. Increased strength in the mid section can help speed up the rotation of your body while shooting and make your shot harder.
Improve the strength and mobility of your shoulder to help with your stickhandling, passing and shooting.