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Live with a stronger back.

Lower back pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder affecting 40% of people at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common causes of job-related disability, a leading contributor to missed work, and the second most common neurological ailment. It can be either acute, subacute or chronic in duration (1).

According to orthopaedic specialists, about 80% of back problems are due to weak back muscles, such as deep back extensors (lumbar extensors and autochthonous back muscles) (2). Strength training with properly designed exercise or medical machines that offer proper pelvic stabilization is a proven preventative and therapeutic approach to strengthening the lower back.

Research shows that traditional physiotherapy treatments and exercising the deep lower back muscles without proper pelvic stabilization did very little to alleviate lower back issues in the study’s participants (3). In contrast, training on an exercise machine with proper pelvic stabilization demonstrated statistically significant improvements in people’s lower back symptoms.

"Isolated lumbar extension exercise is very effective in reducing LOWER BACK PAIN in chronic patients. However, when the pelvis is not stabilized, otherwise identical exercises appear ineffective in reducing LOWER BACK PAIN."

There are more than 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles (4) that have been published to confirm that MedX's proprietary technology can decrease chronic spine-related pain issues, restore spinal function, reduce or eliminate the need for ongoing care, and improve a patient’s quality of life.


NET’s lower back exercise machine, with proper pelvic stabilization, is one of the many NET machines that have great therapeutic effects, in addition to the strength building component. Our Core Spinal Fitness program is specifically designed for strengthening the core and neck muscles.

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