Mindful Strength Training™

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment (Wiki). It is during those moments of attention our mind ‘takes a break’. Studies show practicing mindfulness, even for 10 minutes a day, has a profound effect on one’s stress and anxiety levels.

The most common form of mindfulness is meditation, but practicing meditation on a regular basis may not be practical for many people. Fortunately, mindfulness does not have to be limited to meditation. We can still practice mindfulness during most of our daily activities.

One could take a deep, conscious slow breath and experience the mindfulness right there. We could practice it when we walk by focusing on the sensations associated with each stride and experiencing our sensory perceptions. We could practice it when we eat and drink by focusing on smell, taste, touch, movement of our body parts etc. We could practice it just by being still and putting attention to the surrounding sounds. We can practice mindfulness in everything we do, even while talking to other people by focusing on our inner body sensations and just listening without any judgement or thinking what we will be saying next.

New Element Training is an ideal facility to practice mindful exercise and in particular Mindful Strength Training™ (MST). Our facility is bright and quiet; it doesn’t have any mirrors in the workout area so all clients feel comfortable. Before we start an exercise we ask a client to take a couple of mindful breaths, then we instruct the client to bring their awareness into their sensations (feeling the texture of the upholstery, the handles etc.), start moving the weight in a controlled and slow fashion (taking about 10 seconds to lift and the same time to lower the weight) and as doing so experiencing the sensations associated with the exercise without labeling them as hard, uncomfortable, painful etc. The goal is to accept those sensations for what they are without fighting them. This style of exercise produces both a profound physical performance improvement for the body and a relaxation effect for the mind.

A 30 minute session at New Element Training would allow you to strengthen your muscle, bones, connective tissue, improve your cardiovascular system and flexibility, and profoundly relax your mind. Give it a try today and experience for yourself the awesomeness of our style of training!