Poor posture is not just a bad habit. It is caused by some muscles being stronger than others.  A person with a good posture has an ideal, or close to, strength relationship between muscles. All the major muscles in that person are well balanced. The degree to which we deviate from an ideal balance varies from person to person. Those muscles that are subject to loads above the adaptive stimulus threshold (i.e., trained muscles) as a result of various physical activities (e.g., playing specific sport, exercise etc.) take the load off other weaker muscles. This results in a gradual development of imbalance between muscles. The stronger muscles get stronger and the weaker ones get weaker. It becomes a vicious circle.

Proper strength training regimens should equally strengthen both the ‘contracting’ or agonist and ‘lengthening’ or antagonist muscles. The closer those muscles are to their genetic strength potential the more in balance their strength ratio will be.

Muscles, even at rest, have a certain level of tension (tone). If the tone of a muscle is different from the tone of it’s stabilizing muscles (agonist vs antagonist) the result is muscle imbalance. Such muscle imbalances in our body will sooner or later cause us problems.

At New Element Training we have the equipment and training method that will allow you to isolate, strengthen, and correct the muscle weaknesses and imbalances that are causing your poor posture.