No one ever said progress was easy! Miles on the road can put miles on your body. The heavy repetitive impacts of running all too often lead to injury, taking you away from the activities you love most.

NET Running Program

NET understands the joys and demands of life as a runner. We know that to a runner, efficiency is king. We want to help you get the most out of every stride, every run, and every training session. NET has formulated a strength training program to compliment your running schedule. Increase your health, enjoyment, and performance with minimal strain on your body and training schedule.

Benefits of the NET running program:

  • Improved core and hip stability
  • Improved running efficiency
  • Increased power output without excess bodyweight
  • Injury prevention
  • Reduced pain while running

NET trainers will be able to target, isolate, and correct the specific muscles that are relied upon most while running.

Strengthening the abductor muscles will prevent internal rotation of the knee during your stride.
Increase the raw power of your stride by engaging the muscles used during hip extension.
Help prevent tears and strains by strengthening the hamstrings.
Strengthen the abdominals to improve core stability.

Train independently with a customized program using the world’s most advanced strength training equipment or achieve the highest possible results through unparalleled attention and service by an industry leading fitness clinician or resistance training specialist. Regardless of your abilities and commitment level, at NET you will find a system that will keep you running longer and stronger.