According to leading international orthopaedic specialists, some 80% of all back problems are caused by weak back muscles or to be more precise weak lumbar extensors. The University of Florida was responsible for the pioneering research into the muscular causes of back problems. It was the first to conduct comprehensive research into the theory that weak back muscles could be a cause of chronic low back pain.

This research only became possible after the invention of a lumbar extension machine by Arthur Jones. Strength tests conducted on the lower back muscles of several thousand individuals produced some surprising results. The major­ity—who included highly trained athletes—had weak lumbar extensors.

Our Spinal Health Program will provide you with the following:

Our Spinal Health Program is based on clinical rehabilitation protocol using MedX Medical Lumbar Extension machine developed by orthopaedic specialists from University of Florida and University of California:

  • Initial assessment with a certified clinician
  • Baseline strength test
  • Training on state-of-the-art MedX Medical Lumbar Extension machine, which is designed to directly isolate and strengthen the weakened muscles of the spinal column and help you get rid of, or alleviate, your lower back pain.
  • 20 sessions either 2x or 1x a week.