Jina K.

I am not a big gym buff yet I've been loving to going to New Element Training! I have multiple health issues including degenerative disc, upper cross & lower cross syndrome , and a newly gained knee injury.

However, this place is the only gym I can trust and safely do my workout. The staff are very nice and knowledgeable as well. I spend about an hour every time I workout but it's so much fun and time always flies. 

Highly recommend this gym to those who want to workout but couldn't because of health & safety issues.

Sandi H.

If you are looking for a gym that will give you results this is the gym for you
If you are looking for a gym with owner and staff that watch you and care about what you are doing this is the gym for you
If you need guidance and support in making joints stronger, posture better building strength and tone this is the gym for you
I am a senior and the results that I have experienced, feeling stronger, more energy, better attitude, less pain is all because of the wonderful program that is individualized for you and this is the gym for me.
Sandi H.

Mara C.

For months I walked past the New Elements facility everyday wondering what the gym was about. Confused by signage on the front windows (which I mistook for a rehab facility), I never ventured inside. Then my regular facility closed for renovations and the New Elements team graciously opened their doors to us. 
Andrei and his team introduced me to a new style of working out that tapped into my muscles in a way I had never experienced before. I left workouts absolutely depleted and it felt amazing! While my current lifestyle choices and needs don't work well with the HIT training style (I prefer to workout 5-6 days a week for stress relief and mental health), I saw the benefits of my HIT training this summer. Not only did my strength increased, my running also benefited tremendously! 
If you're wondering if it works, my advice to you is to try it and and follow the advice provided by Andrei and his team to see wonderful results!

Li Y.

You want to get fit? Then New Elements Training  is the gym for you. It offers members a whole array of new, modern fitness equipment that targets and works on all the different muscles in the body, even the ones that you normally do not make use / know of.

As a member I have found that the environment is great, all the staff and trainers are very friendly & supportive of your fitness goals. The gym has very flexible hours which fits into peoples busy work schedules. I have been able to see positive results with the training on these new equipment.

Members can however benefit more if New Element Training could incorporate equipment that focus on cardio. But all in all this is a great gym.

Harry M.

"I was introduced to New Element Training after suffering a broken neck, the result of a bicycle accident several months earlier. Many motor and sensory issues persisted, including paralysis affecting my left arm. Worse, as a result of my accident, my previously vigorous lifestyle had come to an end - leaving me feeling weak and vulnerable. Andrei was fantastic! His introduction to high intensity training renewed my physical confidence at a time when it felt like that part of my life was over. He showed me I could challenge myself without risk of further injury, and opened the door to the balance of my recovery!" - Harry Minaker

Mark Bowden

President, TRUTHPLANE™ Inc.

Andrei Yakovenko is truly an expert in both the science and practice of using strength training to get maximum health results in minimum time! He and his team at New Element Training have been dedicated in getting me the physical results I have needed without having to swamp me in hours of wasted time on running machines and frustrating calorie counting regimes. If you want lasting results, fast and with no distractions—this is the gym you are looking for.


Michael A.

In the fitness industry, we see dozens of fads come and go each year. Periodically however, there are seismic shifts in exercise science that are based on our ever-evolving understanding of the human body.   As a certified personal trainer, it is clear to me that High Intensity Training falls into this category and I have had significant success with my clients and myself by implementing this form of training. However, I believe that the specific techniques and unique machines used at New Element Training are at the very forefront of the High Intensity movement. The workouts I’ve had there have been some of the toughest, most effective (and yet safest) I’ve ever done.


Michael Andrew

Certified Personal Trainer (PTS)

Markland Fitness

Alexander S.

The facilities are impeccably maintained and everything looks as new. This is a small gym, with only weight lifting machines (no cardio or free weights) but that's a good thing! The focus here is on high intensity strength training, getting the maximum out of very short workout times so there's no need to spend hours on the treadmill.

Andrei really knows his stuff and has a pretty no-nonsense approach to training. The gym does require you to be fairly self motivated since there are no classes or anything like that. You do however, get a whole lot of personal training time included with the monthly fee.

Baher A.

I am very pleased with the variety of high precision exercise equipment and how the machines can pinpoint and target specific muscles, especially in my ailing back. Equally importantly, I am very pleased with the team of trainers. They care and pay attention to my specific training needs.  I have bought memberships in other typical
gyms before, where all that mattered is getting me to sign a year long contract. At New Element, service is personalized to my needs.

Evelyn B.

I joined New Elemental Training for the summer as my usual gym closed for renovations. My intent was to rejoin with my former gym after the summer. My experience at New Elemental has been great. The machines are top of the line and specialized for specific muscle groups. The instructors are very attentive: someone is always there to monitor that you are using the correct technique.

The summer is over but I will continue on with this gym.

Susan S.

Andrei created a workout just for me to strengthen injured areas and prevent further injuries. In three months of doing the workout 1-2 per week, the injured areas are much better. NE has machines that no other gym has; they target very specific smaller muscles. I credit these machines and Andrei’s personal attention with my recovery.

Marc C.

New Element is like no other exercise facility I have trained at. The equipment is high-tech, the methodology is scientifically cutting-edge, but the results are pure magic.

Sandra M.

September 2014

 To Whom It May Concern: 

I have been Training with New Element Training Ltd for over two months now and I am very happy that I found this great facility. The staff is not only excellent and knowledgeable, but also very professional. 

They tailor the training for each person’s individual needs instead of running “one fits all” program. 

They encourage their clients to maintain a healthy life style in general, including healthy eating. They often e-mail us interesting articles; health advice, recipes etc. 

I began my program with baby steps that included strength training, and in two short months I have increased my strength, endurance and energy. 

I am glad I made the decision to join New Element Training Ltd.; I highly recommend this facility to anyone who wants to improve their health and lose weight. 


Sandra M. 

Helen S.

I found the experience of working out at New Element Training to be different from any other I’ve tried – the attention to my personal needs, and the ability to customize the machines to my dimensions were two of the unique “elements” that made it special.  Having a trainer work closely with you gives you the confidence to continue working with heavier weights – and friends noticed the results very quickly!  The combination of personal attention, less time spent training while getting results within weeks of starting the program, makes New Element a great choice for busy professionals…

David B.

My current gym, which I have used for the past 10 years, closed for renovations over the summer.  I decided to join New Element Fitness for the time that my gym would be closed.  Having used machines before, and comparing that experience with the free weights I was currently using, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of New Element machines in comparison.  I have been going to New Element for the past two months twice a week.  My experience has been nothing but positive.  Not only am I spending less time in the gym, but I feel I am getting more of a work out in the short time I am there, 40 minutes twice a week compared to 50 minutes 4 to 5 times a week.  I have increased strength and seen muscle growth that I didn’t see using free weights.  Moreover, if feel I am strengthening my core, and cutting down risk of injury.  I can apply more weight to any given exercise without other supporting muscles in my body giving out.  An example of this would be the leg exercise which in the past has been less effective because I could only lift what my back or grip could accommodate, not the full potential that my legs could accommodate.  The workouts are demanding, there is no guesswork as to what to do when I get to the gym and the routine has been tailored to my specific needs.  My routine is reviewed regularly, and the fitness instructors are always on hand to assist when required.  I am someone who always wonders if I have pushed myself enough on a workout.  From the moment I start my first exercise to the last I know what my goal is for that set, I know how it should feel, and I can tell if I am putting enough effort into the workout.  I enjoy the experience of going to this gym, feel I am meeting my fitness goals and will continue my workouts at New Element for the foreseeable future.

Marie T.

I first heard about this training concept from my friends in Detroit. There it is called Supper Slow training or something similar to that. They told me that they only exercise for 20 minutes a week and they feel great. They definitely looked great, especially for their age. So I did my research and found New Element Training. They appear to follow very similar training principles as the studio in Detroit. It is now been around 6 months since I started (I normally train twice/week) and I definitely feel and see the results on my body. I would recommend this training to everyone who wishes to drop a couple pounds of fat and add muscles, get rid of pain, and don’t have too much time to exercise.

Katrin F.

This place is slowly changing my life. I have more energy, I eat less, and I have lost fat and gained muscle. I hope I can keep it up. Thanks Andrei.

Wayne S.

... Like most people, I have my share of stress, and at the same time, I spend a lot of time sitting – not a good formula for back health.

About eight years ago I began to practice yoga for flexibility and overall strength.  Today, yoga gives me most of the benefits I was looking for and I will continue to practice.  However, over eight years, I’ve noticed a slow loss of big muscle strength.  More important, my lower back soreness persisted.  If anything, it was slowly getting worse, and I thought that I might just have to live with a sore back.

Then in January, I got a New Element Training flyer in the mail.  The promise of a stronger and healthier back caught my attention.  Now, after about three months, my back is getting stronger, and with a stronger back I’m hopeful that I will be able to maintain better posture.  My back isn’t “fixed” yet, but I’m encouraged.  A bonus is that I’m also developing more balanced overall strength.  I’m working with more weight, and because yoga is a regular practice, I can feel the gradual improvement there too.

Balanced muscle strength is better for literally every single thing we do in life; there are no are exceptions.  New Element Training offers the best way to build and maintain balanced strength that I have found.  It’s what they do, and it’s all they do.  It’s not glitzy.  It just works.

Dimi B.

I'm Dimi from Cologne, Germany, and I'm very happy I discovered New Element Training. It's the only facility in Toronto which offers the most advanced equipment that I ever trained on: the MedX fitness devices. I know them from the European studio chain "Kieser", which specialises in health oriented strength training.
There are a lot of diagnosis like herniated vertebral disks or sliding vertebra - I suffer from the latter - when this form of training is strongly recommended by orthopaedists. In fact, it prevented me from getting a surgery for now more than 10 years. If you do it as prevention,  you'll maybe never be bothered by any of such mean diagnosis.
Trust owner Andrei and get a stronger back in a clean, well designed environment.

Dr. Scott M.

To the dedicated staff at New Element Training:                                                                        Jan 28, 2014

I have chronic back pain, and I know the importance of staying fit, but traditional gyms haven’t always worked for me. Committing the time was often difficult and cut in to my busy schedule, and the lack of skilled supervision often led to unwelcomed setbacks of my back problems. For one reason or another, it seemed like my good intentions and my overall health goals were not being met at other gyms

I was looking for a fitness facility, and a realistic fitness routine, to complement my busy schedule and enhance my level of fitness without irritating my chronic back problems.

At New Element Training I found what I was looking for. With skilled guidance from the trainers, and the precise customization of the equipment, I am now able to perform exercises that I had once written off as being impossible because of my back problems. The advanced engineering that has gone in to the design of each of the exercise machines allows optimal posture and precise targeted muscle activation without straining joints or injured body parts.

In some cases more is not always better.  At New Element Training I work my body smarter not harder through advanced fitness technology. Now I enjoy shorter, less frequent visits to the gym, but get the benefit of a full body work-out. 

 New Element Training is truly revolutionary and delivers a no excuses fitness experience for all levels of ability.



 Dr. Scott 

Kathy B.

This is the best gym I've been to! I have back pain and work at a desk and this is the perfect workout for me. For just half an hour twice a week I'm already feeling a difference. The machines specifically target muscles but avoid damaging the joints.

I've tried other gyms, but as a female I've always felt intimidated by the machines. At New Element, they give you highly qualified personal instruction. And the trainers are really passionate about what they do - it definitely rubs off!

Beyond that, the gym is clean, quiet and bright and conveniently located downtown.

I highly recommend this place for people of all ages and ability.