In a few words, this is why New Element Training exists . . . 

Hi, my name is Andrei Yakovenko. I am the founder and operator of New Element Training (NET).


I used to be a busy executive in the geophysical industry. My job required my attention 24/7, and I also had three little children. Staying on top of my job responsibilities and being a dad left me with virtually no time for myself. I developed a passion for lifting weights, but it got harder and harder to squeeze gym time into my busy daily routine. I also had a lot of questions about strength training: When is the best time to do training and what is the science behind it? How should I do it? What should I do? How much? How frequently, etc.?

After a period of intensive research, I discovered that getting all the benefits exercise offers does not require hours of gym time. One or two weekly sessions of strength training done 'super slowly' - known as High Intensity Strength Training - is all we need to feel great, be in excellent shape, and be healthy.

My personal experience in applying these training principles in my own workouts - and that of a couple of colleagues - convinced me that it is possible to be in great shape while working out for about 20 minutes once a week. (I also followed the Paleo diet.)

It struck me that many people would benefit from this approach but very few people knew about it. I decided to leave my well-established career and create New Element Training (NET).  At NET we make this scientifically-proven, time-efficient, and safe method of exercise available to our clients.

What makes NET unique?

“Minute-by-minute, the most efficient use of your exercise time."
Mehroze M., client at NET


  1. Client-oriented services:  We specialize in our service because we believe it is a truly effective form of exercise. This is what we do ourselves. Therefore, we prioritize our service to the client benefits first and we let financial numbers follow from there. Each client exercising at NET will get good to excellent results with our services offered, with no exceptions.
  2. Highly qualified staff:  Our staff are fully dedicated to the NET concept. As a rule, they have multiple years of experience, often university educated. They follow the same exercise methods as our clients, because they are truly passionate about it.
  3. Training environment: At NET we focus on offering our clients the most efficient use of their time. Our workout environment is bright, quiet, free of distractions (no music, mirrors, wall art or TVs), so each client can focus on their internal sensations, on the present moment, and get out of their sessions what counts the most - results. The quiet and focused workout environment also allows us to incorporate some basic principle of everyday mindfulness and help you achieve amazing physical performance while relaxing your mind at the same time.
  4. Scientific training: Our method of strength training is called training to Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF) in scientific literature. MMF has shown, in multiple academic studies, to offer the same or better exercise benefits when compared to her exercise modalities, with added benefits of safety and time efficiency (30 minutes once or twice weekly is all you need). This makes it a very sustainable form of long-term exercise practice.
  5. Advanced exercise technology: We utilize medical, and medical-grade testing and exercise equipment, which not only offers an amazing training effect, but also helps in isolating specific weakened muscles around our lower back, upper back, rotator cuff, or neck.

These are some of the key characteristics of NET. We encourage you to book an introductory session with us and see for yourself that we are different from anything else you have tried before, in a good way. 

Our downtown Toronto location was opened on November 16th, 2013.