About NET

First, let us tell you what NET is not:


 It is not a gym. Not a typical one. You won’t find:

 Big mirrors

Loud music

TV screens

Sweaty muscle-bound men

Unsupervised training


NET is also not driven by a pushy membership-selling business model.


Nor is NET a physiotherapy clinic. Even though physio services are offered, they are offered in conjunction with active strength training. And those physio services are top-notch. NET features FDA-certified medical devices for testing and strengthening the deep lumbar muscles of the lower back and cervical muscles of the neck. All of NET’s strengthening machines are of a medical grade. Most clients at NET find relief from or get rid of their chronic musculo-skeletal ailments.



So what is NET?

NET occupies a unique niche.  It focuses on the fact that safe, effective and efficient strength training has a cascade of benefits on the entire metabolism, and can be done in 30 minutes a week.


The NET mission and commitment can be summarized in one short phrase:


Strength training for lifelong health.


Today we know that without a proper, safe and sustained form of strength training (also commonly known as weight lifting or resistance training) people lose lean muscle tissue at an average rate of about half a pound year starting at the age of 30 and then closer to a pound a year starting at the age of 50. Known as sarcopenia, this muscle loss affects far more than strength: it also adversely affects our physical, mental and even psychological well-being.


Who NET is for?


NET is the ideal solution for an everyday person who simply wants to get stronger, look better, feel younger and improve their health. Our clients range in age from teens to people in their late 80s. In fact, many come in appreciation of the fact that the older you are, the more important NET’s structured training routines become. So even if you’ve not been very active for years, or decades, the NET workout is safe and effective. Clients also like NET’s clean, quiet, private training atmosphere, which is so different from the typically loud, male dominated and somewhat intimidating gym settings. And all our clients appreciate the fact that they can get stronger and stronger in just 30 minutes a week.


So when we say “Strength training for lifelong health”, we are saying that NET offers a training solution that can sustain us for the rest of our lives. If our muscles aren’t used vigorously on a regular basis, we lose them – it’s that simple. In our opinion, proper strength training should be practiced until the very last days of our lives.  


How does NET provide a lifelong solution?


There are four aspects that make NET a lifelong, sustainable solution: its safety, effectiveness, time efficiency and financial affordability.




The ideal form of exercise puts the least impact on our joints while stimulating our body for positive physiological adaptations, so we can ‘grow old’ with healthy joints. That enables us to stay physically active at any age. If we train in a way that puts too much impact and wear-and-tear on the joints, we are likely to suffer from joint issues as we age. When that limits our ability to stay active, we find ourselves on a slippery downhill slope. As they say, “use it or lose it.”


One of the unique features of NET’s equipment is how perfectly it aligns our joints for the most efficient muscle-joint function. In addition, the slow and controlled cadence of the NET protocol ensures that we have very little acceleration in the movement, which translates to very little force, since in physics Force equals Mass times Acceleration.



The NET method is one of the most effective and thoroughly researched forms of resistance training. It is based on training principles that are referred to in scientific literature as “Training to Momentary Muscular Failure” or simply “High Intensity Resistance Training”. Our training is not based on opinion, it is based on the deeply studied science of human body. Clients who train regularly and properly feel the effectiveness of the NET protocol within a few weeks.



Time efficiency:

A NET training session doesn’t last for more than about 30 minutes, as the body’s muscles can handle only so much deep work. Then the body needs time to recover and adapt, which typically requires between 3 to 5 days before the next session. Therefore, we need only one or two training sessions a week. Many of NET’s clients train only once weekly for 30 minutes and are getting stronger from week to week!


The efficiency of NET’s training modality means you can fully commit to it without sacrificing the time you need for other important areas of your life. 



Financial affordability:

At NET it is a requirement for every client to have an appointment with a NET instructor at least once weekly, to ensure every client gets good results. This comes at a cost. In addition, NET provides access to what is truly the world’s best equipment and science-proven training concept, which also comes at a cost. However, we understand that proper strength training should be a lifelong journey for everyone, no exceptions, so we have created packages that make our training as affordable as it can be for a lifelong practice, and a long-term win for everyone involved.


Each of the above factors – NET’s safety, effectiveness, time efficiency and financial affordability – make it a truly sustainable training solution for the rest of our lives.


 What are the health benefits of NET strength training?


The NET method offers a cascade of benefits. They can generally be divided into two categories: local and global.



On a local level, the NET method enables our muscles and connective tissues to get stronger, and our bones to get denser.


But recent research has uncovered another side to strength training – it initiates a cascade of effects on the entire metabolism.  A partial list includes:

• it initiates lipolysis (liberating free fatty acids from stored fat cells)

• improves fat oxidation (use of those free fatty acids as energy),

• increases cellular level insulin sensitivity, which helps counteract diabetes

• it aids in the production of myokines (hormone-like chemical messengers) which essentially make our organ tissues younger.

• it improves cardiovascular health

• it improves flexibility

In fact, peer-reviewed academic studies show that strength training also helps us to mitigate mental stress, depression, cancer, cognitive decline, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure, to name just a few.


In addition, once we start getting stronger, our posture improves, we have fewer aches and pains, we feel more energetic, improve our muscle-to-fat ratio, and enjoy more confidence and a more positive outlook. We can also experience more of life by engaging in more physically demanding activities.


The health benefits of NET span all aspects of physical, mental, and psychological health.


What is NET?


NET is a unique concept that offers an effective solution for an everyday person to do

strength training for lifelong health!

 and experience the difference for yourself!


Our 1st facility was opened in November 2013.