In 80% of lower back pain cases it is a strength problem, not a back problem”

How Does the New Element Back Program Achieve Extraordinary Results?

MedX LE at New Element Training

The MedX medical spinal computerized assessment and strengthening machine is a proven system that works on localizing the deep muscles of the lumbar spine, multifidus. Multifidii are deep erector muscles of our spine which function together with abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to stabilize the low back and pelvis during functional activities. In chronic spinal conditions these muscles may become inhibited and prevent full recovery of a back problem. Unless larger muscles (e.g., gluteus, hamstrings) are neutralized from the movement, it is virtually impossible to directly target the weakened multifidii (learn more below). Thus, pelvic restrain system is the key to successfully targeting and strengthening of such important muscles and addressing the most common root cause of lower back pain.

Plethora of research cases on MedX spinal technology suggest that about 80% of people with ALL symptoms of lower back pain will achieve good to excellent results after several sessions on MedX LE.

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Investigative reporter Cathryn Jakobson Ramin talks about the MedX lumbar extension machine in her book Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery, Chapter 11.

"Within months, it was evident that MedX was effective. Anywhere that a MedX lumbar extensor machine was up and running, spine surgeons complained bitterly that their surgery volume was declining."  (page 264)


How MedX Lumbar Extension (LE) machine works

Thomas, one of the New Element Training instructors, on the MedX Lumbar Extension Machine

When you have chronic low back pain, your back muscles are typically in spasm, preventing your back from moving smoothly. When you use the MedX LE machine, you are ‘forced’ to move your lower back. Just as when you move a hurt elbow or knee to 'work out the pain,' this movement can actually feel good.

The movement your low back goes through on the MedX LE machine helps increase your range of motion. Further, this movement stimulates the pumping of fluids into your spinal discs and helps lubricate your joints. The combination of all these factors can help injured spinal tissue heal naturally and give you relief from back pain.


The MedX LE machine isolates your lumbar extensor muscles by tightly holding your legs and pelvis in a position that eliminates them from the movement (Fig. 2).  This ultimately forces your deep back extensor muscles to do all the work. By isolating these muscles, they quickly regain lost strength and most people feel relieved of their low back pain.

The key in strengthening the deep back extensor muscles is eliminating the stronger gluteal (buttocks) and hamstring (rear thigh) muscles from the movement chain. This can be achieved through MedX’s proprietary pelvic stabilization system (Fig. 2).

When using a chain of muscles the body will use the stronger muscles first. Therefore any lower back exercises that rotate the pelvis (Fig. 1) are more of a gluteal and hamstring exercise and do nothing to strengthen the deep back extensor muscles.  However, when the pelvis is properly stabilized and neutralized from the movement, we can directly target the small muscles of the spinal column (Figs. 2-3).

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