Skeletal muscle is comprised of different fibres which are bundled together:

  • slow-twitch: endurance fibres
  • intermediate-twitch type-2a: pulled into use when moving a semi-heavy object
  • fast-twitch type-2b:  these are the largest fibres and are called into action when an all-out effort is required (fight or flight). They contract many times faster than slow-twitch fibres and with much greater force, but they fatigue quickly.

Fast-twitch type-2b fibres are responsible for producing high-force, strength, power and speed. As they have the largest glycogen storage capacity in the body, they play an important role in dealing with dietary carbohydrates. Lose them and you become more susceptible to developing insulin resistance, which often results in weight gain and potentially serious health complications.

Fast-twitch type-2b muscle fibres can only be accessed and maintained through an all-out physical effort, which is seldom called for in our daily lives. As a result, we start to lose these fibres in early adulthood.  New Element Training™ sessions are designed to access the entire muscle to rebuild muscle mass, specifically targeting the fast-twitch type-2b fibres through intensive effort.