New Element Training does not use explosive force

By moving weights slowly and continuously against resistance for approximately 90 seconds, a muscle is kept under constant tension until it is impossible to complete another repetition while maintaining perfect form. Safety is assured because you do not have the strength at the end of each exercise to produce the explosive force which can cause injury.


the slow, measured pace of the continuous movement minimizes the forces on the joints and connective tissues: 

F (force) = M (mass) x a (acceleration)


Sets are not repeated; you then move on to another machine which targets a different muscle or chain of muscles, so each session is a full body workout. After each workout, a recovery period of at least 48 hours is needed before the next session: overtraining is counterproductive, resulting in a weakening rather than strengthening of muscles.

characteristics of the machines we use at new element training:

  • The load movement or ‘strength curve’ of the muscle is precisely calculated. The muscle remains above the tension threshold throughout the entire motion, from full stretch to complete contraction. This improves flexibility and prevents/corrects intramuscular imbalances.
  • Because ‘wrong’ movements are harder to perform, risk of injury is greatly reduced.
  • Targeted muscles are isolated through the padding, supports, and structure of the machines, making it easier to achieve a cross-sectional stimulus.
  • Training on the machines does not require much neurological coordination. Because the movement does not have to be ‘learned’, training is ‘productive’ from the beginning and progress represents pure strength gains, not a mixture of strength and coordination gains.