At New Element Training (NET) we believe a strong body is a prerequisite for an active, healthy and pain free life. Our innovative concept offers an effective and sustainable fitness and well-being solution through the unique merge of these three aspects:

1) High Effort Strength Training,

2) Medical Strength Training,


3) Mindful Strength Training™.

Our first facility was officially opened on November 16th, 2013.

High Effort Strength Training:

Our unique training method (proven effective by research and experience) requires only two 30-minute sessions a week or less. At the core of our method is training to Momentary Muscular Failure (MMF), as it is called in scientific literature, and commonly referred to as High Intensity Training (HIT). Extensive research has shown that MMF is one of the most effective and safe methods of exercise. It involves a short period of high intensity of effort, low force (since we move weights with slow and controlled cadence) strength training exercise. This training method produces exercise benefits that conventional training takes much longer to achieve. This method is not a fad, it is been around since the 1960s and today there are well over a dozen scientific, peer-reviewed publications proving the effectiveness of this single training modality.

Medical Strength Training:

At NET we believe that medical quality exercise requires more than elastic bands and free-weights. Hence, we utilise world leading MedX (Medical Exercise) Testing and Rehabilitation equipment for the deep lumbar and cervical muscles of the spine, the muscles surrounding the knee joint as well as numerous specialized MedX machines for your rotator cuff, hip joints etc. We are the only facility in the Toronto area offering this top-class medical strengthening technology.

Mindful Strength Training™:

Our busy minds are always running in high gear. Trying to calm it down can feel like an impossible task. Practising mindfulness means fully focusing on one task without any judgement of that task. Many studies have shown that practising even 10 minutes of mindfulness a day profoundly reduces stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is not limited to meditation or yoga. It could be, and ideally should be, practised in everything we do. The combination of our training method and quiet, focused training environment makes NET ideal for practising and experiencing the mind de-stressing effects of mindful strength training that is The New Element Way.