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A leading concept in preventative strength training. Based on university level research & development and over 40 years of proven experience. #StrengthForHealth

Live a long, active, happy and free of pain life.

  • A high intensity of effort, low force strength training on bio-mechanically advance equipment. #NETmethod
  • With added mindfulness for a more enjoyable and effective workout experience and relaxed mental well-being. #MindfulStrengthTraining™ (MST)
  • Featuring MedX medical Lumbar Extension machine for a functional and pain-free back. #MedXLE

2 x 30 minute a week or less is all you need with the NET method.

Find out if our exercise method and the concept is right for you.

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Strength & Mindfulness
  • Merge NET Method with practical mindfulness
  • Profoundly increase your physical performance and reduce stress & anxiety
  • Increase your mental resiliency
Strength For Prevention
  • 24203333_race_0.5987285032099078.displayStay fit and active regardless of your age
  • Enjoy your new found strength and energy
  • Reduce chances of injuries
Strength For Physical Performance
  • Improve your performance across all physical activities
  • Take your sport performance to the next level
  • Feel lighter on your feet
Strength For Health
  • Build stronger bones
  • Have a stronger heart
  • Reduce inflamation, improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol profile
Strength For Body Composition
  • Dramaticaly improve muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Build and maintain a functional and attractive physique
Strength For Rehabilitation
  • Address and solve the root of your muscluar pain
  • Strengthen hard-to-target, weakened muscles
  • Have less or no pain in your back, neck, knees and shoulders
As Told By Our Clients

"... Don't be fooled into thinking it's "just" 8 minutes. This is the most challenging and effective workout I've ever done. "

− Michael K., Personal Trainer, fitness enthusiast

"... And how it prepared me to ski in the Rockies. I think I was the strongest I've ever been because of the training sessions and I skied from 9 to 4 every day without having to stop because of fatigue :)"

− Sharon W., President and CEO, Kids Help Phone

"...We have seen amazing results so far with Brett for myself and Brett and Sheldon for Neha (far better than I’ve ever got before) and have really enjoyed the experience."

− Bryan H., CPA, CA, Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

"I started training at NET 6 months after my ACL reconstruction in a bid to continue my rehabilitation, strengthen my muscles and regain the lifestyle I had before the surgery. What I achieve with the help of NET trainers was far more than this.
... My trainers have been encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being, not just my leg muscles. Shortly after joining NET I started to follow a low-carb diet and even though losing weight was not my primary motivation I was happy to see my body becoming leaner week by week while feeling stronger and more energetic."

− Beatrice K., Program Coordinator, TRIEC

"I am in my 60s I no longer want to take on those "violent" exercise programs. I am not disrespecting those other programs-- its just not for me anymore.
The machines with the help of the staff are very very focused on particular muscles. As you go through the exercises with supervision, in 30 mins you cover off very select areas... --it works. The technique prevents strains or pains, but you certainly have fatigue."

− Stan B., Lawyer / Assistant Professor

"I am not a big gym buff yet I've been loving to going to New Element Training! I have multiple health issues including degenerative disc, upper cross & lower cross syndrome , and a newly gained knee injury.

However, this place is the only 'gym' I can trust and safely do my workout."

− Jina K., Administrative Assistant, XL Group

"If you are looking for a 'gym' that will give you results this is the 'gym' for you.
If you are looking for a 'gym' with owner and staff that watch you and care about what you are doing this is the 'gym' for you.
If you need guidance and support in making joints stronger, posture better building strength and tone this is the 'gym' for you."

− Sandi H., retiree