We are challenging the mainstream belief that you must sweat for hours every week to attain a strong, fit and pain-free body … and the results speak for themselves.


It's not the years in your life that count: it's the life in your years. Watch this one minute video to see how New Element Training can enhance your life.

New Element Training harnesses the power of your mind in the transformation of your body.


Everyone needs strength training

Strong muscles are foundational to good health and a pain-free body that does what you need it to do, with elegance, grace and ease. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone who needs to get back into shape, this program can be calibrated to help you reach your training goals efficiently and safely.


Two 30-minute strength training sessions per week is all your body needs

Twice weekly New Element Training™ (NET) sessions give you the benefits of hours of conventional exercise — including improved flexibility and cardiovascular fitness — plus those associated specifically with high intensity strength training.  Read the scientific explanation here.

Our structured training program assimilates the latest academic research, using state-of-the-art therapeutic and strength-building machines. Exercises are sequenced to correct the muscular weaknesses and imbalances which can cause poor posture and pain throughout the body.

Not only does your body become more fit and toned, it also regenerates at a cellular level. Moreover, NET recruits the power of the mind to guide your body back to a healthier state and the limber movements of youth.

But this is not a “too good to be true” scenario: you will have to work exceptionally hard during those 30-minute sessions.

Over the course of the training session, your muscles will be fully contracted for longer than in a conventional workout of much greater duration, providing exponentially more health benefits, for reasons that are explained in the sections on fast-twitch type-2b muscles and myokines. Although muscles are exerted to their maximum, the New Element Training regime has safeguards to protect joints and soft tissue from injury.

Time-Saving Bonus:

The body does not overheat in the short duration of each exercise, so you will probably not feel the need to shower after your workout.

Golfers Take Note

Strength training can improve your golf game.  Read more . . .

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A growing body of academic research supports the ability of brief, intense contractions of skeletal muscle to produce far-ranging health benefits.

These equal or exceed the fitness and general health improvements conferred by conventional exercise, but in a fraction of the time and with additional health benefits.



Muscles keep us upright, pain-free and counteract the effects of gravity.

Less known is their role as an active endocrine ­producing organ, which influences many functions affecting our general health. If we don’t take preventive action, we lose 3 - 8% of this precious muscle mass per decade after age 25, a degenerative process which accelerates after age 50.



loss of muscle mass is not irreversible: strength training can rebuild atrophied muscles and regain the power, elegance and ease of your more youthful self.


Our approach translates cutting edge academic research into a practical, time-efficient, safe mode of exercise that produces results … fast. These are some of the benefits the average person can expect to enjoy:

  • You will grow stronger and build endurance. Incrementally, you’ll notice that everything gets easier: from hefting a bag of groceries to portaging a canoe to cross-country skiing. You’ll experience a spring in your step.
  • You will feel less tired. Think of your muscle mass as your ‘engine’, which gets more powerful with strength training. With a bigger engine, you will be able to carry out your usual activities with less strain on your system and have energy to spare at the end of the day.
  • As you become stronger and feel more energetic, you will regain a sense of youthfulness, empowerment and confidence.
  • Your muscles will become younger at a cellular level and you will experience cascading benefits to your general health.
  • Your posture will improve. As a result, lower back pain and tension in your neck will diminish or disappear entirely.

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Why our gym is so quiet and peaceful

The New Element Training environment is designed to be distraction-free: there are no mirrored walls, no pounding music, no split television screens. An essential part of our training protocol is to stay fully focused on the physical work you are doing over your 30-minute session. It is a way of harnessing the power of your mind in the transformation of your body by paying attention, by maintaining perfect form to optimize your efforts, and by using precise, controlled movements to keep your body safe. Producing the all-out effort required to access and fatigue the targeted muscles in each exercise takes intense concentration.

A quiet, focused workout session can also be seen as a form of dynamic meditation and an opportunity to de-stress in the midst of a busy day. Giving your entire focus to executing each movement, one inch at a time, leaves little room to fret about other areas of your life. Practicing a non-judgemental approach to dealing with the sensations  and discomfort associated with this intense effort is also good mental training that can be applied to other areas of your life.


“My favourite spot in Toronto for mindful workouts.”

— Barnet Bain, award-winning producer/director,
creativity coach, author

Be Here.  Now.

New Element Training Founder, Andrei Yakovenko

New Element Training Founder, Andrei Yakovenko


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Your goal in these workouts is to deeply fatigue targeted muscle fibres in order to create a stimulus for them to rebuild and grow stronger. You accomplish this by keeping constant tension on the targeted muscle(s), moving at a slow, even tempo, until you reach the point where you cannot finish the movement without breaking your form. At this point, you can try to use momentum to complete the movement, again while maintaining perfect form. When at last you can generate no further movement, you hold the weight under a static contraction for ten seconds and then slowly, and with control, lower the weight. The rest of your body remains relaxed throughout.


The body is efficient and will not generate new muscle tissue until it is really needed. Initially, it will respond with neurological adaptations to increase strength without changing the size of the muscle (by improving coordination, for example). In order to achieve the desired adaptation response, muscle fibre must be fatigued or stressed to a sufficient level.


Assuming you are practising good technique at an effective level of intensity, you can count on getting stronger, week by week. You will see results if you train once a week, but twice weekly is optimal. When training at this level of intensity, the number of exercises you are able to complete per session is limited: the best approach is to target larger muscles in one session and smaller, stablilizing muscles in the next. Your body needs at least 48 hours between workouts to recover and rebuild muscle.


Initially, all training is supervised one-on-one; once you have mastered the technique and the machines, there are options for training semi-independently, if that is your preference.