Want to be a supermouse? NAD, Sirtuins and longevity

Leading researchers in the field of longevity from MIT and Harvard have identified several anti-aging genes, which produce proteins called sirtuins. In simpler organisms and animals, these genes protect organisms from deterioration. They also reverse age-related mitochondrial deterioration (mitochrondria help produce energy within your cells), help facilitate mitochondrial biogenesis (process by which cells increase mitochondrial mass), and prolong life. Basically, once these genes are activated, they can increase an organism's health and lifespan.

Focus on the muscle before the movement: a lesson from neuroscience

Why is prioritizing correct muscle/s recruitment more important than focusing on the movement itself? If we primarily focus on the movement we will likely be under-working the targeted muscle groups more often than we think. On the other hand, giving more priority to the muscles we are trying to target will result not only in more superior training effect ­- it will also re-wire your brain, literally.

Andrei on Corporate Warrior Podcast: NET's story and why training mindfully

Recently, Andrei spoke on the Corporate Warrior podcast, which is the leading podcast on the subject of High Intensity Strength Training lifestyle and business. He talked about the history of NET, the origin and what NET's mindful strength training is about, NET’s MedX equipment, and other related subjects.

A Transformative Experience

Recently, I had a chance to experience what it means to be fully alive in a way that most of us have long forgotten. This happened during a five-day facilitator training workshop with Philip Shepherd.* A deep dive into his pattern-dissolving exercises triggered cascading insights that reconnected me with a self that had been long-buried.

The transformation I experienced was at a non-verbal level, so it is difficult to convey the experience with words. It was simply paradigm shifting. As the week progressed, I came to realize that each day was bringing so many changes that I would emerge a different person from the Andrei who entered the program.

Goals set the direction, but the focus is on the journey.

Our philosophy at New Element Training is that the process of moving towards your vision is more important than the actual goal. If you value your final goal over the process of achieving it, you will feel frustration, anxiety or even anger at every setback. The resulting stress will diminish the quality of what you are doing, and you may feel frustrated enough to give up your exercise routine altogether.