Kevin M.,



I feel blessed to have found New Element Training (NET). Their staff are extremely knowledgeable and passionate, keeping your intensity up throughout the workout to a level you can't achieve on your own while at the same time ensuring you maintain proper form so that you get the most out of your workout.

… I love the physical changes that I can already see but what I'm most excited about is the change in how I feel. I feel so strong with a real uptick in my energy level, in addition to a sense of mentally clarity and calmness. I drive 45 minutes each Saturday to visit NET, that's how unique this team and facility is. I look forward to being a long-term client of New Element Training.

Amy C.,


Working with Andrei has been life-changing. Thanks to his approach, presence, and encouragement, I am stronger now than I have ever been. I have taken up activities I haven’t done since I was a teenager and am able to enjoy in those things with my family in a way I never was before. 

Working with Andrei has been about so much more than personal training. Most importantly, he brings his whole self to the work and provides the opportunity and invitation for me to do the same. I have benefited and learned so much from working with Andrei and cannot recommend NET highly enough.

Philip Shepherd.jpg

Philip S.,

Author, Teacher

New Element Training is a welcoming, calm environment that provides the most effective strength training I've ever encountered. And perhaps what I most enjoy about the training is the opportunity it provides to drop deeply into a state of mindful presence. Unlike anything I've experienced before!


Pauline S.,


I have been a client at New Element Training since March of 2017 and Andrei has asked me to share my story with you. 

I work in the same building as NET and in the beginning, I needed desperately to overhaul my health. In my twenties I did a lot of weight training, cardio and competed in martial arts. I worked a physical job and cycled a lot. Now at the age of 42, I was horribly out of shape, I had two young children and was suffering from an endocrine disorder diagnosed in 2010. I was incredibly tired and lethargic and I could barely muster the energy to do anything. Stress had caused adrenal fatigue. It was not unusual for me to get home from work and go straight to bed. I had stopped going out with friends because I felt so horrible and I was also deeply ashamed of my appearance. I lacked any self-confidence and was basically turning into a recluse. I felt like I had to do something about my health before it was too late. It of course took years to get into this state so I was aware that it would be a long road to fix these issues.

Within the first month of training twice a week with Andrei, I noticed some strength returning. I didn’t take his suggestion of the diet change very seriously at first and just continued with the training itself.  About two months later, my doctor decided to send me to a metabolic clinic to help me lose the excess weight. I started the recommended diet that is similar to the one NET recommends with a few things tailored to endocrine issues. I basically cut out all sugar, complex strarchy carbs, low salt and I went with lower fat.  I went down to approximately 50 net carbs a day. My diet consisted of protein and leafy greens for the most part. The initial diet was pretty extreme but after the first two weeks it became easier. I have eaten this way ever since and I have lost about 30lbs in the last few months.  My strength has increased so much and my energy levels have completely morphed.  I honestly haven’t felt like this in over 10 years. 

The combination of the training sessions and the diet has completely changed me inside and out.  I have muscles I have never seen before! I am never bloated which was an everyday issue for me and my weekly headaches are completely gone. Andrei convinced me to do the Tough Mudder [obstacle course] this year and I still can’t believe I finished it. I can take the stairs two at a time now. The training and diet are symbiotic and were absolutely essential for my weight loss and strength gain. I find having a weigh in every two to three weeks also keeps me motivated. I love the NET philosophy and I am looking forward to gaining greater strength and confidence in the year to come.

Theo and Andrei.jpg

Theo S.,

Business owner, CEO

Working with New Element Training for over three years has been a life changer. Andrei and New Element Training has provided me me with a focus and thirst for life by combining both physical and mindset, this stimulating element within my weekly routine has helped me excel in all aspects of my life.


Gina M.,

Operations Manager

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia of the lower lumbar (next stop - osteoporosis).  My doctor suggested weight resistance training.

I was “resistant” to the idea as I’ve tried weight training here and there since my mid-twenties and I ALWAYS ended up hurt in some way or other.  However, knowing that osteoporosis is a crippling condition I owed it to myself to try everything in my power to ensure a healthy body as I moved into the “afternoon” of my life.   As the New Element Training centre is located in the lobby of the office building I work in, I really didn’t have any excuse.

Since then I have consistently attended the twice weekly, 30 minute sessions (barring vacations).  I have not suffered a single injury, my strength has increased tenfold and the one I hadn’t expected was the increase in flexibility.  I hadn’t touched my toes in decades and can now do it without having to do a warm up.  

I recently had a couple of falls, tripping on the stairs whereby I had the strength to stop myself instead of tumbling all the way down; and then slipping on a wet floor in a mall and landing heavily on my hip.  Though I sported a magnificent bruise, I did not break anything and the following morning had no ill effects whatsoever.

The last scan showed I still have osteopenia, however there had been no further decrease in bone mass and this was noted by the doctor as a “statistical improvement”. Additionally, I have been healthier in this past year and have so much more energy to just simply enjoy life.