The ultimate fitness solution for busy executives

When you work 50+ hours a week, fitting regular exercise into your routine can be a challenge.

But what if your exercise routine was only 30 minutes, twice a week? And what if this workout included the added benefits of mindfulness meditation?

New Element Training invites busy executive/professionals/lawyers to try our fitness system to maximize benefits to physical and mental resilience – without spending too much valuable downtime at the gym.

“When strength training is done properly, it produces a cascade of health benefits,” says New Element Training Founder, Andrei Yakovenko. “By maintaining healthy muscle and joints as we age, we are more energetic and more confident, suffering less stiffness and pain. Our methodology also includes elements of mindfulness meditation and our focus on the somatic experience will have you leaving the gym feeling mentally capable and physically strong.”

At New Element Training’s downtown Toronto facility (439 University Avenue), whole body-mind strength training is offered, using German-made, medical grade equipment of the highest calibre. By ensuring correct form, their equipment minimizes pressure on joints, while sufficiently fatiguing muscles to trigger positive results in one hour a week.

“New Element Training is an excellent gym and training plan for busy people,” says lawyer client Greg Zambrzycki. “Significant and gratifying results with a minimal investment of time. Plus, the emphasis on mindfulness is helpful for pretty much anyone in today's busy world.”

New Element Training is the fitness solution lawyers, executives and other busy professionals who haven’t got time to waste, but understand the importance of physical and mental health when it comes to the quality of their work and the quality of their lives.

Busy executives, lawyers and other time-strapped professionals are welcome to reach out for a free session.

Founder Andrei Yakovenko is available for interviews and free strength training sessions for members of the media. Experience his unique methodology for yourself and marvel at why you didn’t discover the wellness revolution sooner.