Andrei asked me to share my story with you . . . 

I have been a client at New Element Training since March of 2017 and Andrei has asked me to share my story with you. 

I work in the same building as NET and in the beginning, I needed desperately to overhaul my health. In my twenties I did a lot of weight training, cardio and competed in martial arts. I worked a physical job and cycled a lot. Now at the age of 42, I was horribly out of shape, I had two young children and was suffering from an endocrine disorder diagnosed in 2010. I was incredibly tired and lethargic and I could barely muster the energy to do anything. Stress had caused adrenal fatigue. It was not unusual for me to get home from work and go straight to bed. I had stopped going out with friends because I felt so horrible and I was also deeply ashamed of my appearance. I lacked any self-confidence and was basically turning into a recluse. I felt like I had to do something about my health before it was too late. It of course took years to get into this state so I was aware that it would be a long road to fix these issues.

Within the first month of training twice a week with Andrei, I noticed some strength returning. I didn’t take his suggestion of the diet change very seriously at first and just continued with the training itself.  About two months later, my doctor decided to send me to a metabolic clinic to help me lose the excess weight. I started the recommended diet that is similar to the one NET recommends with a few things tailored to endocrine issues. I basically cut out all sugar, complex strarchy carbs, low salt and I went with lower fat.  I went down to approximately 50 net carbs a day. My diet consisted of protein and leafy greens for the most part. The initial diet was pretty extreme but after the first two weeks it became easier. I have eaten this way ever since and I have lost about 30lbs in the last few months.  My strength has increased so much and my energy levels have completely morphed.  I honestly haven’t felt like this in over 10 years. 

The combination of the training sessions and the diet has completely changed me inside and out.  I have muscles I have never seen before! I am never bloated which was an everyday issue for me and my weekly headaches are completely gone. Andrei convinced me to do the Tough Mudder [obstacle course] this year and I still can’t believe I finished it. I can take the stairs two at a time now. The training and diet are symbiotic and were absolutely essential for my weight loss and strength gain. I find having a weigh in every two to three weeks also keeps me motivated. I love the NET philosophy and I am looking forward to gaining greater strength and confidence in the year to come.